Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Website Designs for London 'City-based' Property Investment & Legal Services Clients

Website designed for clients over this summer included two London-based companies, the BPS Property group and Smith-Hamilton Law.

From the image screenshots (below) of the home pages, it's clear to see that each design is different, though both are built using the WordPress Content Management System.

The Property Investment website design has a white background and the banner image is an animated gif (a mini-movie), as can be seen if you click the screenshot to visit the website. The background on the Smith Hamilton Law website is a large image with an overlay for the text box.

Before we design a website for a clent, we discuss the main purpose of the site (a reference point for existing contacts, a marketing tool for more contacts or sales, an information hub, etc.) and try to gain an insight of their design expectations by asking them to identify other website designs that appeal to them. This will usually include competitors' sites and websites that we have designed for other clients. An idea of available budget is always useful, too.

 We also enhanced the logo design for both these clients.

We're fully booked this side of the new year but please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your website or social media plans for 2017.

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