Monday, 28 December 2009

Top Tips for getting New Business

If you wish to increase your Internet presence, The BPc will be happy to work with you. However, if you are looking to improve results from your Sales Letter Writing or submitting Bids and Tenders, our client Bid Perfect will have the answer.

These articles offer advice:

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Friday, 18 December 2009

SunSeeker Slimline BiFolding Patio Doors - republished from client's blog

Aluminium bifolding doors have slimmer profiles than pvc doors.

Metal is a stronger material than plastic therefore less of it is required to support the double-glazed unit that is the centrepiece of your bifolding door panel.

The top image illustrates the profiles of a 4-panel bifolding door system from SunSeeker Doors compared with the equivalent pvc profiles in the picture beneath it.

In addition to the obvious benefits when the doors are closed, this means that the profile (the edge of the door panel that can be seen when the doors are open) is narrower, typically 50mm compared with 75mm on the pvc doors we measured. The profile for a pair of doors is more than double because there needs to be a small gap (approx 15mm or so) between the hinged door panels.

Given that pvc profiles are, on average, 50% wider than SunSeeker Doors’ aluminium profiles, the difference increases proportionally with the number of doors. The space required by an open set of six pvc door panels is in the region of 50cm, 6 or 7 inches more than SunSeeker Doors.

Click through to SunSeeker Doors' bi folding doors web site to see an illustration of folding-sliding doors in open and closed positions, with and without integral blinds.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Informative blog for horse-owners, horse-riders and horse-lovers

Our client, Sherwood Equestrian, supplier of equestrian clothing, is revamping its internet shop and, in the meantime, has launched their information blog covering news, advice and equestrian fashion.

Sherwood Equestrian supplies quality equestrian clothing (including specialised riding undergarments) and accessories with excellent pedigrees from companies such as Equetech and Shires.

A family run company based in Hertfordshire, Sherwood Equestrian specialises in riding-wear for competition-riders from an early age to 'full maturity' as well as accessories such as horse rugs.

Follow Sherwood Equestrian's blog for tips on buying a helmet, using a martingale, fitting a horse rug, safety advice and general equestrian news.