Monday, 21 March 2016

Award Winning Design

An extension on a Victorian terraced home in Shepherd’s Bush *featuring UltraSlim doors and windows* has won an award for architect Henri Bredenkamp of Studio30, achieving an enviable third prize in a Don’t Move, Improve! magazine competition.

UltraSlim is the best selling range of slide-pivot patio doors, designed and manufactured by our client, SunSeeker Doors.

Their aluminium side frames are less than 2cm wide, barely disrupting views when the doors are closed. When the doors are fully open, they rest at the edge of the opening, enabling maximum walk-through width.

This is achieved by opening the first door (or window!) as usual, then sliding susequent doors across the open space and opening each of them outwards or inwards, depending on your installation.

The Dezeen Magazine website includes several photographs of the winning entries. Visit the SunSeeker Doors website to view the full range of products.