Monday, 28 December 2009

Top Tips for getting New Business

If you wish to increase your Internet presence, The BPc will be happy to work with you. However, if you are looking to improve results from your Sales Letter Writing or submitting Bids and Tenders, our client Bid Perfect will have the answer.

These articles offer advice:

Good Luck!

Friday, 18 December 2009

SunSeeker Slimline BiFolding Patio Doors - republished from client's blog

Aluminium bifolding doors have slimmer profiles than pvc doors.

Metal is a stronger material than plastic therefore less of it is required to support the double-glazed unit that is the centrepiece of your bifolding door panel.

The top image illustrates the profiles of a 4-panel bifolding door system from SunSeeker Doors compared with the equivalent pvc profiles in the picture beneath it.

In addition to the obvious benefits when the doors are closed, this means that the profile (the edge of the door panel that can be seen when the doors are open) is narrower, typically 50mm compared with 75mm on the pvc doors we measured. The profile for a pair of doors is more than double because there needs to be a small gap (approx 15mm or so) between the hinged door panels.

Given that pvc profiles are, on average, 50% wider than SunSeeker Doors’ aluminium profiles, the difference increases proportionally with the number of doors. The space required by an open set of six pvc door panels is in the region of 50cm, 6 or 7 inches more than SunSeeker Doors.

Click through to SunSeeker Doors' bi folding doors web site to see an illustration of folding-sliding doors in open and closed positions, with and without integral blinds.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Informative blog for horse-owners, horse-riders and horse-lovers

Our client, Sherwood Equestrian, supplier of equestrian clothing, is revamping its internet shop and, in the meantime, has launched their information blog covering news, advice and equestrian fashion.

Sherwood Equestrian supplies quality equestrian clothing (including specialised riding undergarments) and accessories with excellent pedigrees from companies such as Equetech and Shires.

A family run company based in Hertfordshire, Sherwood Equestrian specialises in riding-wear for competition-riders from an early age to 'full maturity' as well as accessories such as horse rugs.

Follow Sherwood Equestrian's blog for tips on buying a helmet, using a martingale, fitting a horse rug, safety advice and general equestrian news.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Keelings Chartered Accountants

Keelings' new website was published last week, updated for a clean look to reflect the company's current services and key contacts.

Keelings, whose first web site was designed by The BPc 8 years ago, is a long-established firm of accountants with many clients who have remained loyal for decades, as can be seen on the testimonials page.

Based in Old Hatfield, near Hatfield House, Keelings is ideally placed for access by train (Kings Cross line) or road (A1(M)).

Keelings web site address is

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Little Fashion Rocks - Recycling Designer Clothes for Kids

Featured Client: Little Fashion Rocks
Featured Service: Recycling Designer Clothes for Kids

The service was launched last year and the web site just a few weeks ago, in true Rock and Roll style - with a Bang! 

An energetic mum from London used her career experience to set up a company to recycle under-used quality clothing that her small-but-quickly-growing children had out-grown. Not just her kids, of course, but those of friends and other parents at the local school and kindergarten.

Word quickly spread and nearly new good quality clothes were gathered for recycling in a more cherished environment than e-Bay. 

Imagine! That expensive outfit your cute four-year-old wore for five hours at his uncle's wedding last year can be found a new loving home - and you can make some money towards new clothes but don't you wish you had bought it cheaper from Little Fashion Rocks?

Brand names range from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci to more popular labels such as Gap, Next, Catimini, Oilily, Diesel, Zara, Kenzo, Benetton, John Lewis and M&S. 

Take a look at what's on offer at Little Fashion Rocks, their prices are similar to Tesco's but the style and quality isn't! 

UPDATE. This is archive information referring to a company that was a client in 2009.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Beware Domain Renewal Scams

They're back ... maybe they never went away but this is the first we've come across in a few months.

Domain Renewal Group ( is sending out official looking Domain Name Expiration Notices in the hope of encouraging the more niaive amongst us to renew domain name registrations via their service.

The notices are sent 4 - 8 weeks before the ones from current registrars are issued (usually 60 days). In the past, our clients have contacted us with queries before sending payment ... thankfully!

Carefully reading through the notice, they are not making any false claims and therefore this particular approach is arguably not a scam? Renew with them if you wish. However, the fact that they are trying to poach custom in such a manner does not sit well with an open and honest relationship.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Help with Business Proposals

Featured Client: Bid Perfect
Writing Tenders for you or Training you to write them yourself.

Bid Perfect aims to help their clients win more business. They are professional writers of Bids, Tenders and Business Proposals.

Experienced across different business sectors, Bid Perfect understands the complexities of tendering to Local Authorities, the NHS, and divers industries. Whether you require their training skills, strategic bid management expertise, authoring, editing or analytical advice, a Bid Perfect consultant will be able to assist.

For an insight into the many services they offer, visit

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Good Web Site for Dog Owners

Featured Client: Dog Academy
Featured Service: Dog handling & training, dog food & portraits
Our client, Dog Academy, runs weekly dog training classes near the A1(M) in Hertfordshire.

Individual training programmes are also available and if you - or someone you know - has a dog with behavioural difficulties, Dog Academy experts will visit you in your own home for one-to-one sessions at a time convenient to their clients.

Dog Academy provides a number of additional services, including home delivery of high quality dog and puppy food from leading suppliers (no franchise ties) and a photographic portrait service.

Mark, a Home Office Approved Dog Instructor and a Member of The British Institute of Dog Trainers with over 20 years experience of dog handling and training, has been running Dog Academy for nearly ten years.
The BPc has just completed some web site updates and will be adding a news link to the site in the very near future.

web site:
~ ~ ~

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wiro-bound Handbooks and Year 6 Leavers' Books

A deviation from our more usual Internet and marketing activities; each year since 2006, we update artwork and arrange printing and wiro-binding for clients with special, personalised requirements.

This year, we decided to publicise the Year 6 Leavers Memories Booklets and have been particularly pleased with the interest shown from a number of schools and PTAs. One enquirer told us "We have researched prices quite thoroughly and yours is the best value for money; some are asking double!"

The photo shown is A6P handbook, the Y6 books are usually A6Landscape (click here for new image/more info).

Click here for more details of the Year 6 Leavers Memories Books.

Monday, 18 May 2009

plagiarism in marketing

Marketing our Clients' businesses on the Internet can include writing copy for their web sites, writing blogs, promotional material, news and articles for submission to various media sites. To ensure that our actions are effective, we monitor results and keep an eye on the industry sector.

Today, we received a google alert containing the following phrase: "Designing an open plan living space can have pitfalls - dishwasher background noise, heating a large area when you are snuggling up in a small space - how do you resolve these issues and stay true to an open plan concept without compromise? How can you prolong your enjoyment of year-round sunshine during the sunny but cold weather? Glass Curtains can be fitted internally or externally and the views are as clear whether they are open or closed but - what are Glass Curtains?"

Following the link, we arrived at the blog in search of the answer "what are Glass Curtains?" There was no answer given - the next sentence was completely irrelevant about a different topic.

The paragraph seemed familiar so we popped the whole lot into google search. Well, this was interesting ... an American interior design site showed the exact phrase as an RSS feed from an article site that, when clicked, displayed the whole article attributed to The BPc's Bee Primrose. Fair enough! That's the reason we submit such articles, as the link at the foot of the feature goes to our client's web site: SunSeeker Doors.

The first blog, however, had copied the text word for word, without links or acknowledgement, which is plagiarism and possibly illegal. For this reason, we are not going to reveal the blog's url as we don't want to increase the traffic to their site.

We've noticed that our articles are often found on other sites but usually this has been wholly copied with the web site links, which is great for our clients. This particular article has, so far, received 18 views resulting in 4 clicks through to SunSeeker Doors' web site in the 3 days it has been 'live'.

The answer? Read the full article "What are Glass Curtains?"

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Welwyn Festival, annually in June


Each year
The BPc sponsors the production of the Welwyn Festival's 36-page programme. This takes up to a week of one person's time to complete over a three week period from mid-April to mid-May, from receiving information to sending final proofed artwork to the printers. This has just been finished.

Following programme production, we update the web site with the current year's events towards the end of May and help to publicise the event via local media: Hertbeat FM, Welwyn-Hatfield Times, online event listings, etc.

This year, the web site is going to be revamped to accommodate RSS feeds from the new blog that we've set up for the Festival group so that news can be updated more easily by any committee member, rather than them having to ask The BPc to keep making web updates.

We've also set up a Twitter account for committee members to comment on events throughout the Festival. If you are a Twitter user, please feel free to 'follow' welfest.

Programmes are distributed free to around 5,000 homes throughout Welwyn and surrounding areas, the cost being covered by advertising in the programme (if you want to advertise in next year's programme, contact The BPc or the Welwyn Festival Group); there will be a few additional copies for sale in some of Welwyn's High Street shops.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Book your Holiday Gite in Normandy France

Featured Client Web Site:
www. La Bas du Bourg

We have personal experience of staying at this 3-bedroom home in Normandy. It is comfortably unpretentious, sleeps six, has a small courtyard for barbecues and a large field for children to play games.

Not far from the coast or from Brittany, there is ample countryside to explore around the village of Saint-Michel-de-Montjoie.

Further information is available on the web site:

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bi-Folding-sliding Aluminium-framed double-glazed Patio Doors

Featured Client: SunSeeker Doors
Featured Product: BiFolding Patio Doors

There are many choices when deciding which doors to install from your house to the patio or conservatory. Traditionally, French doors were the only choice until the advent of sliding patio doors and this millenium has seen the popularity of bifolding doors.

The main reason for this is because bifolding doors maximises the width of the opening to the garden or conservatory.

French doors are still excellent but only for openings less than 6ft. Sliding patio doors, when closed, facilitate a great view but are very restricitive when it comes to maximum opening width. A run of bifolding doors can be over 7 metres, in which case the strength of aluminium frames comes into its own. There can be problems with wooden frames - expanding in hot, wet or humid conditions, the need for frequent staining or painting (especially in hot sun) - and pvc frames, whilst cheaper, are approximately twice as wide as metal frames in order to provide sufficient strength, therefore the view is of pvc rather than the garden.

Aluminium frames have a lasting powder-coated finish, white is standard but the array of available colours is vast. Prettier than plastic, less maintenance than wooden, aluminium framed bifolding doors are the best choice for many householders.

SunSeeker Doors manufactures and installs aluminium bifolding doors in under a month and provides a two-year warranty.

For more information of the company and their folding patio doors,
visit their web site:
or their information blog:


Monday, 2 March 2009

Mobility Rentals: pay-as-you-go mobility equipment

Featured Client: Mobility Rentals
Featured Service: Annual rental of Mobility Equipment

Based in North London, Mobility Rentals is a joint venture between two established, well-respected family-run mobility companies: Direct Mobility supplies mobility equipment for sale or hire, Classic Mobility provides full maintenance, repair and servicing of mobility equipment.

The two companies joined forces to launch Mobility Rentals in early 2006, bringing an innovative alternative to making expensive purchases of mobility scooters, powerchairs, patients hoists, beds and bath lifts.

Available direct to those in need as well as care homes, the service is subject to a small deposit and monthly payments in exchange for brand new equipment and peace-of-mind plan that covers servicing, maintenance, repair, insurance and, in the case of scooters and powerchairs, get-you-home cover. The service covers London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey.
More details are available on the web site: or you can contact the company direct to ask them questions, the call is free: 0800 075 2626.



Friday, 27 February 2009

Classic Wedding Limousines: Chauffeur-driven Car Hire

Featured Client: Classic Wedding Limousines
Featured Service: Chauffeur driven Classic Wedding Cars

For your wedding or special occasion, arrive in style in a stunning classic car, driven by a smart uniformed chauffeur.

From their base in Hertfordshire, Classic Wedding Limousines can enhance your day with a trip in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Mercedes, Stretch Limo, vintage taxi or Beauford.
The photo gallery of their cars can be seen here:

If you need classic wedding cars in Hertfordshire, North London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire or Middlesex, contact Classic Wedding Limousines for availability and a quotation.



Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pine & Oak FO: Solid Wood Furniture

Featured Client: Pine & Oak Factory Outlet
Featured Product:
Solid Wood Furniture - Oak - Pine - Ash

Established some time ago in Stevenage Indoor Market, Pine and Oak FO sold small quantities of high quality pine and oak furniture at almost trade prices, direct to passing customers, sourced from the manufacturers or importers.

As confidence grew in online shopping, Pine and Oak FO set up a web site to display a wider range of furniture than could be displayed in the shop, still at low prices. Featured furniture ranges are: Villa / Victoria and Bohemian Pine, Carla, Opus, Vermont, Milano, Zen, Domingo, Grenoble and Avalon Solid Oak, plus Lincoln Ash.

Customers are researching the Internet for the best deals. Pine and Oak FO adds only a small mark-up to each furniture item to ensure that prices are the best value. With only a small staff, low warehouse costs and a small retail shop, the company is well placed to out-price larger furniture stores.

Most of the Furniture ranges will be delivered ready assembled but there are a couple of self-assembly ranges, with the option of an assembly service. These good quality solid wood flat-packs are not comparable with cheap, inferior, thinly-laminated flat-pack furniture sales from some nationwide retailers and catalogue shops.

There is a single delivery charge for orders up to £500, regardless of the number of items delivered. Orders of £500 and above are delivered free of charge, throughout the UK mainland.

The solid oak furniture exudes quality in both looks and feel. Many ranges are hand-finished with a light oil or laquer and feature traditional dove-tail joints. Drawer bases and cabinet backs are solid wood.

A wide variety of dining chairs with leather seat pads or full leather covering complement the dining furniture. There are solid oak beds and bedroom suites plus a full selection of beautifully chunky contemporary coffee tables, TV and hifi units. There are display cabinets and book-cases to admire.

Pine and Oak Factory Outlet furniture outlet is regularly sourcing additional ranges of good quality furniture, in wood, leather, glass and other popular materials. Orders may be placed via the web site or direct by telephone. If you prefer to email a list of questions, Pine and Oak FO will respond, usually within 24 hours, by email of telephone, as you wish.

More ranges are being added for March: Arianne Oak, Dijon Oak, Grand Chateau Oak plus Walnut finish variations of Grand Chateau, Arianne and Wheatsheaf.

If you are browsing the Internet for a solid wood furniture bargain, remember to include Pine and Oak FO in your comparisons:
UPDATE. This is archive information referring to a company that was a client in 2009.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors

Featured Client: SunSeeker Doors
Featured Product: Frameless Glass Doors

SunSeeker Doors, based in Bedfordshire, is an established, well-respected British company that has been supplying high quality, aluminium-framed double-glazed bifolding doors (multi-fold doors, sliding-folding doors) for a number of years. Frameless Glass Doors have been added to their product range; we feature a comparison of the styles available for use as doors or room dividers.

Glass. Comparing the view through closed Frameless Glass Doors with the view through closed bifolds, closed french doors and closed patio doors, and assuming a width span of 3m/10ft, the percentage of uninterrupted view can be significantly higher without frames. Frameless Glass Doors offer the most glass and a frameless edge on each glass panel. 

Frame. Aluminium-framed folding and sliding doors have a high ratio of glass to frame. Wooden and PVC patio doors require thicker frames, therefore reducing the percentage of glazing. French doors are unable to be fitted into a 3m/10ft aperture without additional support frames.

Access. When open, Frameless Glass Doors offer the widest access and the profile is the slimmest, followed by aluminium-framed bi folding doors, then pvc and wooden folding doors. Lastly, standard sliding patio doors have access via only half - or at most, two-thirds - of the overall aperture.

It is possible to purchase sliding patio doors and French doors quite cheaply; wood and pvc can be less expensive than aluminium. However, if lifestyle, an uninterrupted view or unhindered access are important to you, the longer term better investment is aluminium and glass.

Visit the SunSeeker Doors web site for a preliminary view of Frameless Glass Doors and an enquiry form for a no-obligation quotation.