Thursday, 9 February 2012

Looking after your pony and pets; protect them with a gentle wash.

An amazing product that all horse and pony owners need to know about, from
  • Prevents Strangles - kills the Streptococcus Equi bacteria.
  • Kills a broad spectrum of Fungi, Bacteria and viruses, including Ring Worm.
  • Controls and alleviates the symptoms of Sweet Itch.
Available from 30 equestrian outlets in the UK or on-line, the inexpensive CleanRound product range includes:
  • Pet-safe Equestrian Shampoo Bodywash in 4 fragrances;
  • A rug & pet bedding wash suitable for all fabrics, hand-wash or machine wash;
  • Yard wash for hard surfaces, from stables and vehicle interiors to Wellington boots.
Alice Oppenheimer
uses CleanRound
CleanRound is supported by testimonials from young riders Ricki Hill, Chloe Aston and Alice Oppenheimer; trainers Anna Bruce and Ed Dunlop Racing, HorseWorld charity, Vets and numerous equestrians. It was recently given a 'thumbs up' by Eventing magazine, with maximum 5 stars in their tests.

Give Cleanround equine anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, virus protection a whirl then come back and post your opinion on our blog!