Monday, 16 September 2013

New Website for Client: Erasure, Destruction or Recovery of IT Data

Ta-Da! Announcing A New Website...

We have completed and launched a new website for our client, Ultratec Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire, a company that specialises in data recovery and total destruction of data beyond all recovery!

IT Data Storage Device
IT Data Storage Device
Here at The BPc, we're hoping that Ultratec's clients won't need both these services in the destroy-first-recover-later sequence because that can't be done. To recover data from a faulty storage device or from a perfectly fine hard disk or tape that cannot be accessed is a fairly obvious requirement but who would want to ensure that data is totally destroyed? Well, to prevent sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, almost everybody.

Totally Destroyed Data Device
Totally Destroyed Data Device
Information is stored on all sorts of devices, including photocopiers and printers as well as mobile phones, computers and USB sticks. Before these are discarded, there is a duty of care to protect sensitive data. This is a particular issue for government and military departments who may have top secret information stored. Not only will Ultratec ensure that data is erased but that the storage components are reduced to minute fragments, impossible to reconstruct.

If you need to comply with the Data Protection Act or help prevent identity theft, you need a secure data destruction service, visit

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Innovative CMS Website Design & Build, Hertfordshire

Professional Solutions, based in Hertfordshire for its full 24 years, offers website design services for small-medium business owners/managers who want the ability to manage the website content in-house. ProSolutions founder-owner Chris has a technical background with busines application experience and awareness.

The new website has recently been published. Visit the website portfolio page and move your cursor over the images for a slinky-effect - I was addicted to this, grinning for several minutes! It's a simple to use website, designed to grow as time allows. You may notice The BPc logo on the site as we'll be responsible for SEO (thanks, Chris).

Whether you are a new business or you just need a better website, Professional Solutions will be able to advise and deliver. Visit the website now then call or email with your requirements.