Friday, 13 January 2012

A website that we never want to need ...

A new website has been launched. If you're not currently in the market for items from Hertfordshire based Newlight Cremation Urns, their website is a pleasure to browse. In fact, some of the containers and keepsake jewellery can be purchased for more pleasant reasons.

Products range from traditional caskets and urns for storage, display or burial, to beautiful keepsakes and jewellery that have a small container section for ashes or perhaps a small snip of hair. There are bio-degradable options for burial and attractive scatter tubes for scattering ashes.

Pets generally have shorter life spans and these are catered for, with specially designed urns, keepsakes and jewellery, some with cat, dog or paw-print motif and others with a place to accommodate a photograph - plus burial boxes for smaller house-pets, from under £30.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Latest Innovations in Patio Door Styles

Since SunSeeker Doors launched their Bi Folding Doors in 2003, they have continued to develop their range of innovative patio door systems, providing good quality at affordable prices.

SunSeeker Doors is the only British manufacturer to offer a comprehensive choice of:
  • Slide-and-Pivot Frameless Double Glazed Doors
  • Slide-and-Pivot UltraSlim
  • Bi Folding Doors
  • Frameless Glass Curtains (enclosures)
  • Frameless Glass Door room dividers
SunSeeker Doors are made to order to exact requirements, manufactured in Bedfordshire, England, and installed by their own team of experienced personnel for a complete service. SunSeeker Doors manufactures the only Frameless Double Glazed Doors that have the British and European Standard Kite mark.