Thursday, 30 June 2016

Providing Launch Assistance for Two New Companies

The BPc has recently been asked to help promote a truly innovative concept in retail shopping. Yndica combines a physical 'shop window' showcase with wifi links to online information and purchasing using your smartphone.

Starting soon in London, the Yndica pod enables an independent manufacturer or importer to compete with much larger companies by placing products in prominent shopping areas. The brainchild of Roberto, a young energetic entrepreneur, who is looking for suppliers of 'indie' products to work with Yndica. The pod will display a selection of products in four busy retail locations each month, providing major exposure for small businesses, complementing their current sales channels, online or retail. Take a look at the video below and contact Yndica if you have an amazing product!

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The Yndica Team (Roberto is the tall one) standing in front of the first retail pod.

Earlier this year, we helped a young innovator, Xavier, to generate interest in his new internet service (currently being completed) via social media. Xavier is a French entrepreneur who has lived in the UK since 2005 and has recently won The People's Choice award in the Virgin Media VOOM Business awards (click the image of Richard Branson and Xavier for details).

The service enables patients to book healthcare appointments online, using It benefits the clients who do not wish to keep telephoning to receive an engaged tone or no answer; it benefits the medical professionals who may be busy treating patients and are unable to answer the telephone. There will also be a review guide for people who are looking for a service for the first time.

The service includes Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Dentists, Surgeons, etc.