Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Waiting for Signoff & Work in Progress

Just because we haven't posted links to our recent work doesn't mean that we haven't been busy... Quite the opposite. We have one completed website design for an Accounting company that has been awaiting sign-off for a few weeks - but you know how busy they are over December/January. We also have website design work-in-progress for an investment company, a financial services supplier, a mobility service and driving school - so watch this space!

As you may know, we collaborate on websites that are being designed by other companies. Currently, we are assisting with user-friendliness and content for a self-help site that is in development.

We often work with webite designer Professional Solutions  who has just completed changes to an established website for an existing client, upgrading from static HTML to WordPress CMS and ensuring that it's responsive for mobile devices and tablets. It now passes the Google 'Mobile Friendly' test and has been passed over to The BPc to work on optimising the content and other aspects of SEO to return it to page 1 of Google search results, where it used to be after we last refined it.

The site is Classic Wedding Car Hire of Hertfordshire. Their services cover Herts and surrounding counties (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex plus Middx, Berks & Bucks) as well as north, north-east and north-west boroughs of London. Their chauffeur-driven wedding cars are immaculate and range from classic, vintage and veteran to quirky and modern, such as:
  • 1928 Ford Model A 
  • 1935 Vintage Rolls Royce Phantom 
  • 1949 Rolls Royce Wraith 
  • 1951 Rolls Royce Wraith 
  • Hummer Limousine 
  • Rolls Royce Phantom 
  • Stretched Limousine 
  • American Stretch Lincoln Town Car 
 Fabulous cars - visit the website and take a look!