Wednesday, 25 February 2009

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors

Featured Client: SunSeeker Doors
Featured Product: Frameless Glass Doors

SunSeeker Doors, based in Bedfordshire, is an established, well-respected British company that has been supplying high quality, aluminium-framed double-glazed bifolding doors (multi-fold doors, sliding-folding doors) for a number of years. Frameless Glass Doors have been added to their product range; we feature a comparison of the styles available for use as doors or room dividers.

Glass. Comparing the view through closed Frameless Glass Doors with the view through closed bifolds, closed french doors and closed patio doors, and assuming a width span of 3m/10ft, the percentage of uninterrupted view can be significantly higher without frames. Frameless Glass Doors offer the most glass and a frameless edge on each glass panel. 

Frame. Aluminium-framed folding and sliding doors have a high ratio of glass to frame. Wooden and PVC patio doors require thicker frames, therefore reducing the percentage of glazing. French doors are unable to be fitted into a 3m/10ft aperture without additional support frames.

Access. When open, Frameless Glass Doors offer the widest access and the profile is the slimmest, followed by aluminium-framed bi folding doors, then pvc and wooden folding doors. Lastly, standard sliding patio doors have access via only half - or at most, two-thirds - of the overall aperture.

It is possible to purchase sliding patio doors and French doors quite cheaply; wood and pvc can be less expensive than aluminium. However, if lifestyle, an uninterrupted view or unhindered access are important to you, the longer term better investment is aluminium and glass.

Visit the SunSeeker Doors web site for a preliminary view of Frameless Glass Doors and an enquiry form for a no-obligation quotation.


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