Thursday, 20 January 2011

Save Energy, Save Money. Boiler Service & Breakdown Cover

Gus from gas-elec
Recently Launched: Heat-Care Plan from Gas-Elec.
Boiler Breakdown Cover for £60 pa is incredibly good value compared with most of the plans available. Call any time day or night and a gas-elec engineer will be scheduled to fix your boiler as soon as possible - no call out fees and all parts and labour are included.

There are conditions, of course, such as regular boiler servicing (which gas-elec will arrange for you) but these are listed on their web site.

Discover some other reasons why checking out the Gas-Elec group may be worth a few minutes of your time ...

Gas and Electrical Safety Inspections,
Boiler service, maintenance, replacement,
Boiler economiser to reduce heating bills.

According to Good Housekeeping Magazine:
"The g-save is a small device that wires into your central heating to optimise the amount of fuel the boiler uses. Often there's a time lag between the thermostat signalling the need for heat and the system registering the temperature has been reached, resulting in overheating and wasted energy. The manufacturer claims it can reduce running costs by 17% to 31% ... We monitored the gas consumption of a four-bedroom house for two weeks, with and without the g-save. Gas consumption was 31% lower in the g-save week, which would work out at a saving of £165 over a year if it was maintained."

Gas and Electrical Safety Inspections.

Businesses & commercial properties:
Compare Energy Deals & Switch.

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