Friday, 20 April 2012

QR codes: the latest technology in advertising print

Signcraft, always at the forefront of print technology, produce QR codes for their clients' advertising boards and vehicle graphics.

QR codes are barcodes that are readable with the relevant app on smartphones. If you take a photograph with an appropriate phone, the app will instantly recognise the message, which may be a link to a website, an email address, contact information, a diary event or just a text message.

For example, if you see a website address on the side of a van, you can photograph the url but you would need to type it into a browser. By photographing the QR code, you can go directly to the website without any typing (or mis-typing).

Download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay then use your smartphone to capture this QR code image and link to Signcraft's website.

The BPc blog has more examples of QR codes.

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