Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Web Site Launched for Client

The BPc was asked to design a logo and website for Sightline Doors.

Sightline Doors are extra large glass sliding doors - each panel can be an impressive 3 metres by 6 metres in size yet they are incredibly easy to slide open and closed.

The brief was to keep everything clean and simple. The logo represents the Earth's horizon. It's in dark blue and white with SIGHTLINE DOORS in an open font style. The website has been created with WordPress.

The words sight line are commonly used in the glass doors industry to describe the amount of obstruction in one's sight line. With Sightline Doors, the adjacent frames obscure only a 28mm width (just over an inch) where two frames meet, which may have several metres of glass either side of the join!

The website includes other innovative door options, including UltraSlim and Frameless Glass slide-pivot doors and Slimline bi-folding doors from British manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors.

The BPc specialises in helping small, medium and start-up companies with their internet presence.

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