Friday, 30 August 2013

Contemporary, Chic, Practical Bath/Shower options

At last, the practical aspects of easy access baths-with-showers has led to designs that we would actually want in our bathrooms. Until recently, the largest market for baths with doors was the very elderly plus disabled people who relied on such equipment and were forced to pay a premium. Whilst this is still true to some extent, there is a realisation by companies that clients demand and deserve better.

Often, there is a logistics issue with putting a traditional bath and a walk-in shower in a family bathroom therefore it is commonplace to find baths with shower enclosures. Getting in to the bath or shower is not too bad but getting out again, once there is a wet slippery surface to negotiate, is more difficult. Fully fit adults are cautious - what about those with sports injuries, back pain, a touch of arthritis, etc?

Statistics show that people prefer to walk out of a shower rather than climb out of a bath but many people want to keep a bath and don't have room for both, therefore the compromise is made to have a bath with shower. We've just been waiting for the ultimate practical bath-shower unit and, finally, we have a choice.

walk-in bath-shower walk-in bath-shower walk-in bath-shower

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