Friday, 29 November 2013

Assistance to help the Elderly and Disabled

Amongst our clients are three established, family-run businesses whose products and services are aimed at helping less able customers, whether at home or in care.

riser recliner chair
Whether you need to find a comfy chair that enables you or a relative to relax and stand up again with minimal effort or if you need to find a company that can install gantry systems or regenerate a family bathroom for disabled use, one of our clients has it covered.

They are all based around the London/Home Counties area and cover much of the South midlands and south of England. All three companies are experienced in their fields and can offer excellent advice.

Classic Mobility is a service company for scooters, power-chairs, power-beds, bath-hoists, gantry systems and other equipment that requires regular servicing, maintenance and ad-hoc repairs. They also supply equipment such as riser-recliner chairs, power-wheelchairs, mobility scooters, adjustable care beds and 'moving and handling' equipment plus batteries and other mobility supplies and accessories including walking frames, rollators, daily consumables and more.

Herts and London stair lifts also runs Mobility Rentals - long term equipment rental such as mobility scooters for individuals who don't want to buy and specialist equipment for care homes and nursing homes who are managing their cash flow - care beds, patient hoists, etc.

Practical Bathing advises, supplies and installs a range of equipment in flats, houses, care homes, clinics - wherever special toileting or bathing facilities are needed. These include walk-in baths, sit-in showers, wheel-chair showers, bio-bidet and 'big john', part of the bariatric equipment range and more.

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