Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Power You're Supplying - It's Electrifying!

class II bathroom lights
Bathroom recessed downlighters (C2)
Those annoying laws that get passed for our health and safety are difficult to understand for a lay person so it's in our best interests to call an expert. In this case study, a family home had been extended and the local Hertfordshire council required the relevant certificate from a suitably qualified, certified electrician.

If you can't get a recommendation for a tradesperson from someone you trust, you then have to trust yourselves to choose wisely by careful research. Many people begin with their favoured social media, usually Facebook or Twitter, with Twitter casting a more immediate and wider net to capture suggestions.

If that fails, it's a case of comparing all local search results, checking reviews and sometimes reading between the lines. In our case study, KBR Electrical (Herts.) was contacted; the brief was to ensure that all electrical work was passed in accordance with the rules prevalent at the time the work was done. The older part of the house would have been exempt but the old fuse board had been replaced by a new one, therefore the whole house was subject to testing, not just the extension.

The lighting circuit in the older part of the house was not an earthed installation, requiring some modifications: re-wiring would cause considerable disruption so KBR's owner/electrician put forward alternative compliant suggestions. These included ensuring that the lights on the unearthed circuits were replaced with ones that are specifically manufactured and tested for non-earthed systems, known as class 2 or II.

The clients were delighted with the service in terms of timely response and consideration for both budget and minimising disruption. The local planning department issued the appropriate certificate the following morning.

That's why returning clients say... You're the one that I want! www.KBRElectrical.com

unearthed lighting - transformer led

unearthed lighting

bulkead unearthed lighting


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