Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Existing Client ... Brand New Product Line

SunSeeker Doors has designed and installed reractable glass doors since 2003. Starting with slimline aluminium bi folding patio doors and extending the range to include UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors. As an appealing convenience to customers, they also offer horizontal slatted blinds encapsulated within the doors' double glazed units, as an optional extra.

Added to their list of optional extras in a new product line... Roller Shutters!

When ordering SunSeeker Doors (or windows*) you can now include roller shutters, available in a range of colours. They can keep the sun at bay on early sunny summer mornings and can close off the dark night views without the need for curtains. Many people feel safer at night with shutters fitted and feel that the house is more secure, less inviting to intruders, when they are away.

*Note that all Doors can be specified as windows and still include the optional extras of blinds and/or shutters.

 Take a look at the Roller-Shutters page of their website for further information.

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