Monday, 11 September 2017

Personalised Gifts at affordable prices


There is always an occasion to give personalised gifts: births, birthdays, mothers' day, fathers' day, St Valentine's day, anniversaries, remembrances, Christmas or just 'Thank You'. Especially when those gifts start from under £5.

Ceramic keepsakes from Queenie of Hearts are available 'off the shelf' or personalised. There is also a range of greetings cards (so much nicer than the, erm... "lunar-sow" website) and other gift items. All the designs are unique.

However, a new website needs more than to just 'be'. It needs a boost of some kind to be found on the internet amongst competitors - and preferably on page 1 of search results. If you search for Queenie of Hearts personalised gifts, you will find at the top of results - but this relies on knowing and remembering the name of the company.


The BPc is working with Queenie of Hearts to improve results for searches where the name is not used, e.g. personalised gifts. This is a mammoth task as there are thousands of businesses, many with much higher budgets and profiles, who will dominate the top spots. We might not succeed for generic searches but we shall endeavour to raise the profile for specific searches.

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