Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Beware Domain Renewal Scams

They're back ... maybe they never went away but this is the first we've come across in a few months.

Domain Renewal Group (domainrenewalgroup.com) is sending out official looking Domain Name Expiration Notices in the hope of encouraging the more niaive amongst us to renew domain name registrations via their service.

The notices are sent 4 - 8 weeks before the ones from current registrars are issued (usually 60 days). In the past, our clients have contacted us with queries before sending payment ... thankfully!

Carefully reading through the notice, they are not making any false claims and therefore this particular approach is arguably not a scam? Renew with them if you wish. However, the fact that they are trying to poach custom in such a manner does not sit well with an open and honest relationship.

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