Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Little Fashion Rocks - Recycling Designer Clothes for Kids

Featured Client: Little Fashion Rocks
Featured Service: Recycling Designer Clothes for Kids

The service was launched last year and the web site just a few weeks ago, in true Rock and Roll style - with a Bang! 

An energetic mum from London used her career experience to set up a company to recycle under-used quality clothing that her small-but-quickly-growing children had out-grown. Not just her kids, of course, but those of friends and other parents at the local school and kindergarten.

Word quickly spread and nearly new good quality clothes were gathered for recycling in a more cherished environment than e-Bay. 

Imagine! That expensive outfit your cute four-year-old wore for five hours at his uncle's wedding last year can be found a new loving home - and you can make some money towards new clothes but don't you wish you had bought it cheaper from Little Fashion Rocks?

Brand names range from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci to more popular labels such as Gap, Next, Catimini, Oilily, Diesel, Zara, Kenzo, Benetton, John Lewis and M&S. 

Take a look at what's on offer at Little Fashion Rocks, their prices are similar to Tesco's but the style and quality isn't! 

UPDATE. This is archive information referring to a company that was a client in 2009.

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