Monday, 8 November 2010

Estate Agents - Beware!

An old scam has come to our notice. Received today:

I am looking to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom property and was wondering if you had a list of properties that you could fax over to me 07031XXXXXX.
I would also consider a 3 bedroom apartments if the location was suitable.
Many thanks
Sxxxx Xxxxxxx"

(The telephone number and name have been deliberately obscured)

Telephone numbers beginning 070 can be used to hide a persons real number and can be charged at up to £1.50 a minute ... see this BBC News article:

Unless you know the number is from a known contact, think carefully before faxing or returning calls. It could be money wasted. The scam in not only aimed at Estate Agents.

On a brighter note, Estate Agents looking for property signage, particularly for unusual projects, may wish to check out this blog:

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