Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sales Soar - Thanks to Magazine Feature

There's nothing quite like an established name to reach the public. For several weeks, we have been helping our client to build an Internet presence, using a news blog, twitter and facebook to create interest and drive traffic to the web site.

The website contains information regarding the product range and options to purchase. Sales were building very slowly until a few days ago, when - POW! An article appeared in Horse & Hound magazine and interest has sky-rocketed, sales have been phenomenal. For the next 3 days, the current issue can be found here: Horse & Hound, 20/11/2010.

CleanRound's Internet presence:
web site: www.cleanround.co.uk
blog: cleanround.blogspot.com
twitter: twitter.com/cleanround
facebook page: cleanround

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