Monday, 30 June 2014

Community Blogging

Congratulations to The Welwyn Festival Group on another successful week of events. This was the 40th consecutive festival in its current format and the 13th year that The BPc has produced the full programme, as a community project (free) since we used to be based in Welwyn.

We also help to maintain their blog It is difficult for some voluntary committees to update their own websites or blogs as committee membership is often transient and the skills and available time required are inconsistent, typically when the focus group is linked to children of a certain age group, such as primary school, guides and scouts; as children move on, so do their parents.

Increasingly, though, people are able to manage blogs and social media. We are happy to help them acquire the appropriate skills and support them, as we have done with a number of organisations. However, our time is also limited as we have to fit in such projects around paid work, primarily: website design, website optimisation, blogging, social media management and pay-per-click ads management. Maybe, if we stopped getting involved in the fun stuff, we'd get round to our own website!

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