Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Small UK Company First To Develop Innovative Door Technology - Again.

Our client, SunSeeker Doors, has been manufacturing bi folding doors from its factory unit just off the M1, 30 miles North of London, for more than ten years. The company designed a slimline bi-folding door-frame in aluminium and they powder-coat the frames at their premises, offering a selection from hundreds of colour options.

In the past five years, they have added other door styles to their product range, notably single-glazed Frameless Glass Doors with tempered glass, suitable as internal room dividers or external doors on out-buildings (e.g. swimming pool); this was followed by Frameless double-glazed and Ultra-Slim patio doors, all of which are opened using a slide and pivot action, all of which are fully retractable.

Door designers had all but given up on reducing the frame-widths on bi folding doors. They said it couldn't be done. Until SunSeeker Doors announced their 2cm SuperSlim Bifold, this week.

When two doors are together, the combined frame-width where they meet is known as a sight-line. Sightlines on other bi-folding doors are usually 160mm or more. On SunSeeker SuperSlim bi-folds (and on their UltraSlim slide-and-turn and their double-glazed Frameless Glass doors) the sightlines are 38mm - only 25% of traditional frame-widths.

You see less door and more view with SunSeeker Doors.

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